Learning New Things?

  In the cake business, as in many others, relying on your past experiences just isn’t enough anymore. People want the new, the innovative, the catchy, and the impossible!             As cake decorators we are now obligated to learn new techniques, develop new flavors, and use our imagination and creativity more […]

How to Bake the Perfect Cake!

Cake baking is a chemistry! You have to create precise circumstances for the ingredients to marry and turn into the perfect cake! Take the ingredients out of the refrigerator 10-15 minutes before you start working with them. Everything should be at room temperature. Use measuring cups and spoons when measuring your ingredients. After all it […]

Our New Book!

Hi everyone … just wanted you all to know that our new book is out! “My Little Cake Shop’s Caketivities”! It is a kid-friendly cake decorating book. Inspired by my passion for creativity and my daughter’s love of everything artsy, my shop, and this book, came to life! I strongly believe in the importance of […]

Winning The Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Prize!

Our shop won the Mohammad Bin Rashid Prize for the Best Starting Business in the Middle East 2012! We took a trip to Dubai last December for the Award Ceremony. It was a wonderful experience and a huge honor for our shop to be recognized in the GCC countries.

In-School Spelling Bee Competition Winners Event

Dhahran Ahlyya School hosted a Spelling Bee for its students this month. The winners were awarded a trip to one of our events We read a story, did some art work, wrote a short story, and decorated a mini cake

Mid Year Vacation Program 2013

Our Mid-Year Vacation Program was a plethora of different hobby ideas and mini courses meant to engulf kids in a world of hand crafts and hobbies. T-shirt painting course A cake decorating course (working with cream) A cake decorating course (working with fondant) Photography course Cake pop making course Cookie making course Writing course Working […]

Volunteering at a party with SANAD Charity for Kids with Cancer

Our shop volunteered at a charity party hosted by SANAD for kids with cancer. Giving back feels so good doesn’t it?

Celebrating One Year of Events with Grandma’s Stories

It’s been one year!! Can you imagine? We celebrated our achievements with Grandma’s Stories with some very fun activities. We listened to a story about growing older and tied that with the fact that our shop is one year old. The kids did some art work and then went crazy with face painting, henna, and […]

International Day for Kids with Special Needs

Our shop hosted an event aimed at introducing kids to people with special needs. They listened to a story about a child with special needs and then they made and decorated some sugar cookies which they later sold to people in the mall. They proceeds went to children with special needs charity.

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